Governance means governing/the act of being governed. Governance stems from the word govern, which simply means rule or control over something or somebody.

Essence of Governance

The human race of which you are an integral part was created for creative and constructive activities on planet Earth. This is essentially needed for the furtherance of excellence and perfection as desired by our divine Creator, ''God.''


Governance is about your responsibilities for other beings in creation and not mainly about yourself.


Because this subject matter has been badly construed by self-seeking individuals and groups of people in the sphere of managing human capital and other planet earth resources, to mean partisan order of management, covered up protection of class interest in the name of public service with welfare and philanthropic businesses in governance, skillful manipulation of sovereign wealth of nations for a privileged few, deceitful practices in public offices for self-enrichment etc., to the dislike of the governed masses in nations across the world, it is of great importance to remove such grave erroneous notion from the mind of the people across the world, so we can have a better world for every human soul on the planet.

Existence in creation is of a polity i.e. it is organizationally structured or made politically by the Creator of creations.

The word polity is inferred or reasoned from the word polite. Existence in creation therefore is organizationally structured in a manner of politeness from one creation to the other ones infinitely.

The word politics is in plural. Its singular form is politic. Politic is inferred or reasoned from the word polity. Since your existence in creation is of a polity, then it is patterned politically by the creator, and your life is of politics, you are a political being, one that must organizationally structure his activities in creation - See Politics and You in the book titled: Your Country Governance and You!


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In the light of the fact that so many crucial vocabularies (lexicon of words) that are used daily for expressions in the sphere of mankind's social and political life have been distorted over ages now, in self or class - centered intonations and application of such words. Leading the soul of most or too many human beings into misinformation, confused state of being and a total loss of their essence of being, thereby, living and endlessly turning the life of everyone else possible, into degradation and misery on planet Earth. This brings the convener, Mr. Niyi Shoyebi, to initiate the idea of this movement and hereby call on all other observers like him, that are equally noble minded enough, to join their God given capabilities with all other noble ones, that so desire and are willing, to make sure that mankind have an ideal World, that is for the common good of all. To join now this movement, of World Citizens for Good Governance. It is in Mr. Niyi Shoyebi, the convener''s effort, to ensure that an ideal World is for, and enjoyed by all human beings that makes him to publish the book titled: “Your Country Governance and You”. In the book, the above-mentioned crucial words were put in their right perspectives.

In order for every human soul to easily come to a proper and very good understanding of their role and purpose of being, is why you and every other one need to read, digest, adopt and apply the content and concept; thereby, contributing your quota to an ideal World that is for the common good of all beings. See more About Us.